How to earn money with Ipsos I-Say


What is Ipsos I-Say?

First of all I want to clarify something a lot of people misunderstand about Ipsos and I-Say. Ipsos is an online marketing research company. It is one of the biggest in the world by todays date. I-Say on the other hand is a survey site that is run by the Ipsos company.

Many people therefore refer to I-Say as Ipsos I-Say. Just remember that and is two different platforms with different websites. In this review we will focus on the survey site being I-Say.

Anyways, I-Say is a survey site run by Ipsos. It is a very popular surveys site with thousands of users everyday. Like any other survey site, you can not do surveys whenever you want. You can only do surveys when you are requested to.

On I-Say, you don’t get survey invites very often compared to other survey sites I’ve tried. You can ONLY complete 1 survey EACH week. That is an insanely small amount of surveys you can complete each year. Unlike any other survey company, this is how I-Say work..

How much can you get paid?

To earn money at Ipsos I-Say, you simply complete their surveys. The amount of surveys you can complete depends on how many survey invites you get. Keep in mind that you won’t get enough invites to sit inside all day completing surveys.

The amount each survey pay is everything between $0.45 to $2. This depend on the length of the survey, but also the survey type. If it is a survey that requires more knowledge, then you will get paid more for taking that survey. If you are taking surveys at I-Say, then I’d expect getting around $0.90 for each survey.

I-Say does also use something called points. 1000 points gives you $10. To cash out through PayPal, you need a minimum of 1000 points. Keep in mind that you can only do ONE survey each week. The time it will take for you to cash out is extremely long. Let’s say you take one survey each week. You get $1 each survey. In this case, it will take you 10 weeks or more to cash out. 10 WEEKS!

If you thought about getting an extra income from surveys, then think again. 10 weeks for $10? Do you really think this is worth it?

Offers from Ipsos i-Say

When you’ve finally become an i-Say panelist, there are quite a few things that Ipsos claims to offer you. (other than the paid surveys)

Everything is always better with friends, so why not invite them to Ipsos? When you invite your friends through your account, you will be awarded 100 points for every friend that joins the panel. Woo! POINTS!

Ipsos has their on tech support. I told you they were a pretty big deal! If you ever have an issue you can talk to the technical support staff; they are quick, super friendly, and helpful. (yes, I’m a klutz and needed support within the first few minutes.) They helped me get through a problem I was having with my email, even though the problem wasn’t on their end, but one that was on mine.

The community of i-say is something that I didn’t expect to find. For just a survey site, it was surprising to find that not only could I create my own polls (I’ll explain polls later in the post), but I could also comment on the polls created by others.

Ipsos is mobile friendly, meaning they do have an app that you can download when you are on the go. If you’re at work or school, then don’t worry. You’ll never miss a survey. The app is just as clean and user friendly as their actual website.

Redeeming points for money

For every survey that you are qualified for and is completed you will receive anywhere from 45 points to 200 points; it is fairly rare to get a 200 point survey so if you get selected for one definitely take it! Most surveys are right around 90 points which translates to 90 cents, meaning every point is equal to one cent. To redeem your points, you need a minimum of 1000 points, and then you can choose one of a two ways to spend your points. The first way is through the i-Say rewards page, where you can buy gift cards with your earned points to places like Starbucks and Amazon. However, you can also redeem your points for cash through PayPal. If you do choose to except the PayPal payment method, you will have to wait around 3 weeks to see the money in your account. Something really cool that i-Say does, is it lets you redeem your points to donate to one of the given organizations like Habitat for Humanity. I haven’t seen that from any other survey site before.


After becoming a panelist of Ipsos i-Say, I have very mixed feelings on the site. I am very much against all of the “answer surveys and make money” sites, but Ipsos is different from all of the other survey sites I have tried. Ipsos is a legitimate company and has put in a lot of effort to make it’s users happy. If you’re looking for any type of actual income, it is not going to give you even a percentage of that. Unfortunately, you can’t even really rely on them to be consistent with surveys. You may get one survey a week or you may get one survey a month. At best, the rate I was receiving surveys I might have gotten a $5 or $10 dollar gift card by the end of the year. In the end, this is a site that is actually worth your time given that you aren’t putting a lot of time into these surveys.


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