How to Make Money From Survey Junkie in 15 Minutes or Less

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Survey Junkie is a survey site that aggregates a bunch of survey sites onto one platform so you don’t need to look through a ton of different survey sites.

Survey Junkie even gives you points for just signing up, filling out your profile, and answering questions about your basic interests.

Every point is worth 1 cent, so 1,000 points is $10. Points are in your account the second you finish your surveys. There’s no extra vetting or waiting with Survey Junkie.

Is Survey Junkie Legit Or A Scam?

Survey Junkie is completely free to use. It also has one of the best graphics for survey sites (the other one is SwagBucks) and is super easy to use. Survey Junkie was started in 2005 and currently has over 7,000,000 members.

Never pay to use a survey site — those are the scams. You should only be using free survey sites.

Survey Junkie also has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have the highest rating of any survey site on TrustPilot. Even higher than SwagBucks!

The best part is they actually say on the website, “You will not get rich!” Unlike other survey sites, Survey Junkie really don’t seek to over-promise in terms of how much you can make.

Who Can Join Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is free to join and accepts people who are at least 13 years old. It accepts people from the US, Canada, or Australia.

They look for all demographics, but each survey might look for different demographics. If you fill out your profile and special interests ahead of time, you can be matched better.

How Does Survey Junkie Pay Out?

Is there a minimum payout?

Survey Junkie has a $10 minimum payout. Unlike other survey sites with payout thresholds as high as $30, you can cash out at $10 for Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie gives you 25 points just for confirming your email and 50 points for filling out your profile. You get 10 points each for filling out a short specific interests questionnaire.

You can cash out via Paypal or gift cards if you’re in the US. If you don’t have a Paypal account, it’s free. If you decide to cash out via Paypal, you’ll need to cash out all at once.

Help Word In Red As Symbol For Support And Advice

How Much Does Survey Junkie Pay?

Survey Junkie pays between 50 to 500 points per survey, which roughly translates to $.50 to $5 per survey, depending on how long it is.

You are NOT going to make a thousand dollars a month like some sites promise, but if you have a bunch of spare time and just want to answer surveys on the couch or on your subway or bus commute to work, then this is a fun way to do so. There simply aren’t enough surveys around to make you $1,000 a month. Keep in mind that other ways to make money or side hustles might pay more.

How Does Survey Junkie Make Money?

Market Research

Survey Junkie makes money from collecting market research. Companies use this data to see how customers are reacting to a product, as well as what kind of products customers want.

You don’t have to give your real name or real birth date, they’re just looking for data from a large pool of people so that they can accurately predict what consumers want. Your answers help companies better cater towards consumers.


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