How to Make money with cashcrate


Cash Crate is probably one of the most popular “Get Paid To” sites out there, and it’s certainly one of the most pleasing on the eyes. I used Cash Crate a few years ago when it was in it’s earliest stages and was able to make an extra $50 in one month just for filling out offers, and it looks like now Cash Crate has a lot more options available for actually getting this money. You can do more than just fill out offers, although it seems that the offers are the quickest way to build your account balance up.

Cash Crate Points

Cash Crate also lets you earn points for doing things like playing games and other fun stuff. You can redeem these points in their Prize Store. While I usually don’t like redeemable points, I am OK with it here because it just gives you something else to do on the Cash Crate site to stay busy, and they do also offer cash money for doing other things so it’s not like the points are the only thing you can get.

Getting Paid

You only need $20 to get paid! This is much better than the $30 payout threshold that Inbox Dollars has. Cash Crate also gives you a handy little tracker that is on your dashboard when you join that shows you how much you’ve earned so far and how much you have to go in order to get paid. I love that! Payment is via check and you can see user-posted pictures of Cash Crate checks that have been sent out in the past by going here.

Some Other Tips

Create a separate email just for Cash Crate. When you sign up for these free offers, you will absolutely get a lot of spam as a result. You don’t want this stuff junking up your personal email, so it’s a must to create a separate one. You can get a free email at Gmail, Yahoo, and a ton of other places and it doesn’t matter if you already have one at those places because multiple accounts are allowed.

Some offers also require that you put in a phone number. Do not put in your cell number or your home phone number! You will get telemarketing calls. Sign up for a free phone number at People who call the free number you are assigned will hear an automated message instructing them to leave you a voicemail, so you never have to worry about getting contacted by telemarketers.

Now, let’s get back to the question of whether or not you can make easy money online with Cash Crate?

The answer is YES, you can. However, you won’t get rich from it and you probably won’t even come close to earning a full time income with them. But if you need a little extra money each month then CashCrate could be exactly what you are looking for. I’ve been paid at least a $1,000 from cash crate already without hardly doing anything to earn it, so I would definitely say that’s worth it.

My overall Cash Crate Review is definitely positive. It’s not the greatest thing in the world but it does work and you absolutely can make money from their program. It’s certainly NOT a scam and there are heck of a lot worse things out there. I’m comfortable giving it my recommendation for sure.


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