Make Money with Crowdology


Take surveys at one of the Web’s fastest growing survey sites, Crowdology. Crowdology works with some of the UK’s biggest brands who want to know exactly what you think of their products and services. Your responses help brands improve their products and services which is why they will pay you up to as much as £10 per survey in cash or Amazon vouchers to spend on whatever you want.

Typical surveys at Crowdology take on average 2 to 15 minutes to complete so are easy to fit into your day. They can be taken whilst you are out and about on their app or at home through their website. For each survey you take part in you are paid between 40p and £10+.

Crowdology equals Smart Work

Whether thinking at Crowdology as a way of making money or even better, to a way of improving your knowledge, you gain on the both sides. As Crowdology is all about taking surveys, you get paid while learning something about yourself – and if compared, about the rest of the population! This is definitely a smart work, because not only are you working but get smarter as surveys go by!


One huge advantage of being a crowlodogy-ist is in regards to the rewards you receive as you finish taking any survey. You get paid from £0.40 to £10 or more, depending on the complexity and the dimension of the survey. In addition, every month there is a competition running and anyone that has finished any survey is available to win many prizes! You will never know if you do not sign up today and start getting a survey!

Is it worth it?

Definitely! Making money online is for the smart ones, and who would not be smart to give it a try to Crowdology? Being an easy and fast way to make some extra money, the limit for being able to withdraw the money is up to £4! Trust me, as a person who has tried many websites before, you should not miss the chance to win real money in no time!

General Panel Information

Anyone can join Crowdology as long as you are aged 16 or above and are living in the UK. Other than that all they ask is that you take their survey and provide open and honest answers to all the questions.

To get started at Crowdology simply enter your details on their short registration form and then click on the link in the email you are sent to activate your account. When you first log in you will be asked to complete the profile information. You can still take surveys without completing your profile but a completed profile will increase the chances of receiving surveys that are relevant to you.

When a survey becomes available that matches your profile information you will be sent an invitation email. The email will include the length of time the survey will take and how much you will earn for completing it. All surveys are first come first served so the faster you take it the less chance it will be full. As Crowdology has thousands of members it’s recommended that you take each one you get as quick as possible.

From time to time you may also be invited to take part in telephone interviews or focus groups, as well as providing feedback via a bulletin board, video diary or webcam. For these extra tasks, you will be paid a little more than standard surveys.


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