Why InboxDollars Is One Of The Best GPT Sites?


What is InboxDollars?

They had a slightly different start to most GPT sites.

Whereas other sites are often purely market research, Inbox Dollars began as an online rewards club where members could access discounts and promotions.

It has expanded into a highly-respected market research company that gathers a wide range of data from the community.

It has associations with major brands which use the data collected to make important decisions about products and marketing – so your opinions can directly influence brands you buy every day!

What Does InboxDollars Offer?

InboxDollars offers to pay you cash for taking surveys, watching TV clips and videos, and signing up for different services and products. And instead of handing out points like a lot of other paid survey sites, InboxDollars shells out money — real money.

The way it works is brands and companies will pay InboxDollars for getting input from consumers. So then when you take surveys and shop from partner companies, you can actually make money.

A Word Of Caution.

Because Inbox Dollars is highly respected and used by such huge companies, they have extra pressure to make sure that their panelists are answering honestly – and therefore that they are providing real data.

Companies want to know their customer’s true reactions so that they can make decisions that can have a massive impact on their advertising, product development or service.

With this in mind, be aware that InboxDollars is one of the strictest sites around when it comes to penalizing members for rushing through surveys instead of giving true responses.

It’s not too much to ask that if you’re being paid for your opinions, that you give true, accurate responses.

Inbox Dollars only allows one account per computer, so make sure before signing up that no one else has created their own account.

Even if it is accidental, you risk forfeiting your hard-earned points.

How Can You Earn Money?

Sign up. Inbox Dollars offer a $5 sign up bonus! Couldn’t be easier!

Surveys. Surveys are reasonably frequent, normally take 15 – 30 minutes and pay different amounts depending on the time spent. You can be disqualified even after putting some time into the initial questions – it’s annoying, but it’s pretty common for survey sites.

Product testing and focus groups. Sometimes people are selected to trial products – the products will be sent out to them with instructions, and they will need to use them and give feedback. Focus groups are a small panel of people chosen to give specific feedback on a product or service. Typically, these pay much better than standard surveys.

Clicking on email links. It only earns you pennies at a time (think 1-10 cents), but they add up quick! Most members say this is their favorite way of earning because it is so easy.

Coupons. Inbox Dollars will often have coupons for your local shops. Check in regularly to make the most of the savings.

Surfing The Internet

Another way to make money through InboxDollars is by using the internet.

For every four searches you make via InboxDollars’ special search engine, you get one penny and three “sweeps.” Remember sweeps? These are entries into a sweepstake or a giveaway with different InboxDollars rewards, including cash.

Subscribing To Things

A lot of the options on your main dashboard include subscribing to different services and signing up for products from InboxDollars’ partner companies.

An example of this includes a discounted subscription to Blue Apron, a service that mails ingredients to you for you to assemble a meal. This offer comes with a $10 credit to your InboxDollars account.


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